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Listen and respond to views and opinions from a variety of respected sources in the field of dementia care. Learn about consultations that may impact on services for people living with dementia, their carers and families. Engage with campaigns and movements to improve dementia care, such as the Carers Call to Action and the Dementia Action Alliance.

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Tommy on tour Tommy on tour

This blog documents Tommy Whitelaw’s mission to raise awareness of dementia as he tours Scotland’s towns and cities sharing his experience of caring for his mother. Read more »

The diseased Other The diseased Other

This film is about Alzheimer’s disease, stigma and medical reductionism. It is an artistic expression that explores scientific understandings of Alzheimer’s disease from philosophical and ethical perspectives. Read more »

Living with Early Onset Living with Early Onset

In this video, commissioned by the University of Edinburgh and facilitated by Strange Theatre, participants explore and express some of the difficulties faced by people affected by early onset dementia and their families. Read more »