North West Coast Clinical Networks

North West Coast Clinical Networks support commissioning of high quality, outcomes focused, value for money services for people living with dementia in Cheshire and Merseyside.

The overarching objectives of the Networks are to:

  • Raise public awareness and reduce stigma
  • To improve prevention, early diagnosis and early intervention
  • To ensure effective clinical leadership and engagement, and PPI engagement
  • To advise, inform and support CCGs and specialised commissioning
  • To ensure the delivery of continuous improvement of patient and carer outcomes that are
  • measureable
  • To deliver wide scale change which is evidence based
  • To ensure equity by reducing health inequalities

Our work

Our Dementia Network priorities for 2013-14 include:

  • Develop a modular competency framework for MH and Dementia
  • Raise public and professional awareness
  • Ensure timely diagnosis and support
  • Living well with dementia
  • Encourage patient participation in research
  • Improve carer support and access to crisis response

Anticipated outcomes include:

  • Reduce stigma, improve education to professional staff in acute, intermediate and community care settings
  • Establish more dementia action alliances/ dementia friends
  • Improve health checks and screening/ improved access to memory clinics
  • Improve access to care interventions across the care pathway
  • Increase access to clinical trials
  • A single point of contact for carers

Find out more about the North West Coast Clinical Networks at and follow them on Twitter @cmscnSenate.

Who’s who

Associate Director
Jan Vaughan,

Clinical Lead
Dr Peter Arthur,

Strategic Clinical Networks Manager
William Greenwood,

Dementia Programme Manager
Mary Jordan,

Find out more about the Cheshire and Merseyside SCN at and follow them on Twitter @cmscnSenate.