Dementia e-learning for healthcare

An interactive e-learning resource to support the training of all health and social care staff in recognising, assessing, and managing dementia, and providing high quality dementia care.

he Dementia e-learning sessions

The Dementia e-learning sessions have been designed to familiarise health and social care staff with recognising, understanding, assessing and managing dementia, and with providing high-quality dementia care.

These sessions have been written by subject matter experts in both psychiatry and medicine for the elderly. They support the implementation of both the National Dementia Strategy and the Prime Minister’s Challenge on Dementia and also offer further information in line with relevant legislation, such as the Mental Capacity Act 2005. The learning materials reinforce the importance of dementia being every nurse’s business.

The e-learning sessions are intended for use by all health and social care staff. The learning modules include:

  • The nature and types of dementia and also some of the common myths and negative attitudes about dementia.
  • The importance of early diagnosis of dementia and goes on to identify ways of communicating effectively with someone living with dementia.
  • The importance of ‘living well’ with the condition and explores sources of support for those affected by dementia.

2 thoughts on “Dementia e-learning for healthcare

  1. Elizabeth Behr

    I am a Registered Nurse in Auckland, New Zealand and have recently completed a 4hr teaching session on Dementia, Delirium and Depression.

    During this course we were advised to go to this site for further e-learning opportunities, but I don’t seem to be able to find them.

    Hoping these are still available, I would appreciate your advice on how to find them.

    Also whether or not we can print off a certificate on completion, stating our name and the number of hours taken to complete the course. This would go towards our mandatory 20hrs education annually required by the NZ Nursing Council.

    Looking forward to your reply to

    Many thanks

    Yours faithfully
    Liz Behr

    1. Rowan Purdy

      Hi Liz,

      We have recently republished the e-learning workbooks that contain bite-sized learning materials and links to further learning resources. All are useful to those wishing to learn directly and to others wishing to share learning with others through teaching or supervising.

      1. Step 1 Essential dementia awareness
      2. Step 2 Further knowledge in dementia
      3. Step 3 Behaviours that challenge us

      Each workbook is presented in an accessible, easy to understand format and can be completed at the learners own pace. Learners can go through the workbook online or print off the workbooks. Alongside the printable version of each workbook there are website links for any relevant handouts. Throughout the workbooks to test the learning there are various tasks and there is a short quiz at the end.

      Many thanks
      Rowan, Editor, Dementia Partnerships

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