9. Coding


Questions to consider

  • is our practice’s coding of dementia robust?
  • are we getting the right in information back from memory services?
  • how can we use our dementia register better to support our patients with dementia, and their carers/families?

DRIVER: Accurate coding and recording on GP QOF Dementia Register

Actions Resources Examples
Introduce a set of standard Read codes for routine use in the General Practice to be applied for cases of established dementia (moderate to severe).
Audit and reconcile referrals to memory services, and General Practice dementia register (QOF DEM1) to ensure that

  • outcome of referrals are recorded accurately
  • Read codes and ICD10 codes are reconciled.
Review records of patients with the following codes:

  • IB1A memory loss symptom
  • IB1A0 temporary loss of memory
  • Eu057 mild cognitive disorder

Implement local protocol for review of patients with memory problems, and mild cognitive disorder.

Review/recall patients where absence of a code, the code, or the patient’s presentation indicates that a review would be appropriate.
Consider also the needs of carers:

  • health and wellbeing; health checks
  • health promotion and prevention
  • education, information needs
  • local networks / groups for support
  • need for signposting / referral for carers’ assessment and care plan.