West Midlands Academic Health Science Network

The West Midlands Academic Health Science Network will create and support an environment for sustainable improvement to the health, wealth and wellbeing of the population of the West Midlands.

The Network will encourage great ideas and create a landscape where these ideas can be taken up, barriers broken down and, through, partnership with industry and the commercial world, be developed, adopted and spread to maximum effect for the health and wealth of  West Midlands people.

Find out more at www.wmahsn.org


The Network aims to:

  • bring together NHS commissioners, providers of NHS services, industry, academia and representatives of the population
  • identify the innovation that has been developed and is successfully being used throughout the West Midlands
  • undertake a range of agreed core functions to bring about collaborations between education, training, research, informatics and healthcare delivery
  • work with all who have a stake in health provision across the region to build on the West Midlands’ growing reputation for adopting cutting edge technology to transform the way we deliver healthcare.  Our vision is for the West Midlands to have a worldwide reputation for changing the way that healthcare is delivered through digital technology that is proven to have improved outcomes, created wealth and is sustainable
  • develop our website to become a communications hub for the network where information can be shared and relationships built.  It will be a place where success can be shared and celebrated and challenges can find solutions
  • create an industry portal that can provide an innovation pipeline that will bring new ideas together with industry expertise and investment as well as access to leading centres of applied health research.