Learning pathway

These resources offer a range of learning and knowledge on dementia care in a ‘Three Step Pathway’ where each step gives opportunities to enhance and increase learning. This material has been specifically developed so it is freely available to copy and use widely.

The three workbooks contain bite-sized learning materials and links to further learning resources. All are useful to those wishing to learn directly and to others wishing to share learning with others through teaching or supervising.

  1. Step 1 Essential dementia awareness
  2. Step 2 Further knowledge in dementia
  3. Step 3 Behaviours that challenge us

Each workbook is presented in an accessible, easy to understand format and can be completed at the learners own pace. Each workbook is supported by bite-sized presentations which highlight key points and is useful to those wishing to teach others in limited time.

Learners can go through the workbook online or print off the workbooks. Alongside the printable version of each workbook there are website links for any relevant handouts. Throughout the workbooks to test the learning there are various tasks (some of which may require internet access) and there is a short quiz at the end.

For those interested in finding out more on certain topics there are various website links within the workbooks for further learning and these can also be found within our library of resources.

The workbooks are not accredited but are linked to the Qualification and Credit Framework, Knowledge and Skills Framework and Common Induction Standards.

Step 1 Essential dementia awareness

A workbook and bite-sized presentations offering a basic level of dementia awareness. This workbook is relevant to anyone and useful for induction for all staff within health and social care settings.

Step 2 Further knowledge in dementia

Building on Step 1 this offers a workbook and bite sized presentations for anyone working in a health and social care setting either registered or non-registered, families and those caring for a person with dementia. Please note some tasks require Internet access.

Step 3 Behaviours that challenge us

Step 3 builds on Step 1 & 2 and will be including material on specific topics relevant to a qualified and skilled worker whom may wish to learn more about specific dementia topics such as ‘Psychological and social needs’, ‘Practical solutions to vocally disruptive behaviour’, ‘Observation tools’ etc.