What works best in dementia

Use this form to tell us about what you are doing locally to design and deliver a service / group / initiative for people living with dementia, their carers and families. You can also download a form to complete offline and send it in by email.

  • Please give your idea, story, initiative a title.
  • Please describe your service / group / initiative in a single sentence.
  • Tell us what the service / group / initiative is and who it is for. Describe why and how it has developed. Tell us what it does, the kinds of assessments offered and interventions provided. Describe what outcomes you have achieved and whether you have undertaken an evaluation captured, including feedback from people who use the services. Share any key learning points, top tips, and any 'elephant traps' to avoid. Tell us about any future plans.
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    Please upload any relevant documents that you would like to share e.g. project plans, evaluation reports, publicity material
  • Please enter the name and job title where appropriate of the person who leads the service / group / initiative.