A specialised ward for people with dementia in an acute hospital setting, North Bristol

ContactDr Judy Haworth, Speciality Doctor for Dementia Care, North Bristol NHS Trust
AddressFrenchay Hospital, Frenchay Park Road, Frenchay, Bristol, BS16 1LE

What is being done?

The specialised environment within the Malvern ward, Southmead Hospital, includes:

  • 18 beds with 5 side rooms
  • Day room, calendar board, clock, nurse presence to ensure safety, good for Intentional Rounding and activities
  • Dining room which looks onto garden that includes bird feeders
  • High quality lighting to reduce shadows
  • Plain floor throughout
  • Signage is in words and pictures and colours.
  • There is usually free access to the garden, weather permitting

What difference this seems to be making

  • Nurses wear their own clothes
  • Regular activities are provided including; discussion, music, aromatherapy, massage and skittles
  • There is intentional rounding including extra fluid provision
  • People eat together in a dining room and nurses assist with nutrition
  • Medical interventions¬† are routinely reviewed and the use of antipsychotics is kept to a minimum

Plans for taking the project forward

  • A communal and social environment is promoted
  • Patients and staff are mutually engaged
  • Cholinesterase inhibitors are used freely with more rapid titration
  • Junior doctors given training in diagnosing and managing dementia

Download a presentation about Malvern ward, Southmead Hospital