Advice for patients and carers in Great Western Hospital, Swindon

ContactLesley Taylor, Ward Manager, Jupiter Ward, Great Western Hospital, Great Western Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
AddressGreat Western Hospital, Marlborough Road, Swindon, SN3 6BB

What is being done?

Great Western Hospital, SwindonAn Alzheimer’s Society volunteer working in Great Western Hospital, Swindon, is providing advice to patients and carers on Jupiter Ward and signposting them to community resources.

What is new and different?

The PCT has funded the project as a pilot for 6 months. The volunteer who has a social care background is very knowledgeable and has established a wealth of resources in the ward quiet room. He supports people with memory and other cognitive problems whether they have a diagnosis of dementia or not.

What difference this seems to be making

  • There is easily accessible and competent advice and signposting on hand for patients and carers.
  • Staff awareness and knowledge has increased.
  • The volunteer is highly valued by the ward staff team.