ContactMatthew Harrison Director, Studiohead

GroupleGrouple is a secure, private online social network helping people share the responsibilities of caring for someone with dementia.

Members of a care network easily post their schedules, ideas and experiences of caring, dividing responsibilities and coordinating efforts to provide consistent and regular care without one single person being overburdened.

The prototype for Grouple was developed as part of a joint competition, run by the Design Council and the Department of Health, to find teams of designers and experts who could develop new ideas to help improve the lives of those affected by dementia.

The video below highlights the benefits of Grouple.

When someone is diagnosed with dementia, a single relative generally takes on the lion’s share of care. This is life-changing as dependency can increase quickly. Primary carers are often elderly with their own health concerns or, if younger, have to juggle work and care. Caring is stressful and isolating and both carers and people being cared for can benefit from extra help.

At the centre of each Grouple hub is a timeline. Members can post items such as visits, appointments, observations and questions, quickly seeing and filling in gaps in the schedule. Care decisions can easily be discussed and informed by everyone’s observations.

The Design Council challenge has enabled the team to create a working prototype that is currently being tested with invited families. Grouple is seeking development partners to support this becoming a financially sustainable social enterprise.