Ladder to the Moon

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Telephone 0207 794 2593
AddressBranch Hill House, London, NW3 7LS

Ladder to the MoonLadder to the Moon provides workforce and service development that enables health and care organisations to develop active, creative, vibrant care services. It uses approaches that incorporate creativity and the arts, and involve staff, older people living with dementia and other long-term conditions, and the wider community.

Ladder to the Moon uses theatre within development programmes to build enjoyable, vibrant cultures within care communities. It uses creativity, coaching and learning through experience to stimulate confidence and encourage new ways of thinking, resulting in wellbeing focused support that leads to improved quality of life for both staff and residents, along with reduced costs and enhanced motivation.

The focus of their work is in residential care settings, and increasingly in housing, working with staff so they are creating an enabling and supportive environment that values and understands the people they support, as well as the people that work there; and in which people living with a dementia have personal choice and control over decisions that effect them, at every stage of their life.

Ladder to the Moon is regularly presenting it’s approach in a very interactive way on local and national platforms, in order to transform perceptions of the amount of enjoyment, pleasure and happiness that can be experienced in dementia care, as well as sharing practical tools to achieving high levels of wellbeing.

An innovative approach:

  1. Uses creativity to unfreeze current cultures and to allow staff to experience new possibilities. Care staff see themselves, colleagues and service users in a new light and develop a feel for excellence.
  2. Fosters a person-centred attitude based on dignity and respect, by building new ways of communicating between those providing and those in receipt of care and support.
  3. Grows community and partnership by involving family and friends and building high performing teams that enjoy working together.
  4. Inspires and empowers employees by building confidence and self esteem through instant feedback and validation from colleagues and the people they support.
  5. Uses practice-based creative learning, making learning highly accessible while offering immediate wellbeing outcomes for residents

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