Post diagnosis support and information in South Gloucestershire

ContactPaul Frisby, Partnership Manager, South Gloucestershire CCG
Telephone0117 947 4423
AddressCorum 2, Crown Way,Warmley, South Gloucestershire, BS30 8FJ

This South Gloucestershire based project aims to share good practice and ensure that all patients and carers get equal access to post diagnosis support and information via a range of media: face to face, handbooks, leaflets, telephone and the web.

In South Gloucestershire patients are now diagnosed by three providers. Only the Memory Clinic offers five day courses for those who are struggling.

The first three proposals will ensure that this enhanced level of support is available if needed wherever you are diagnosed, and that all patients and carers are offered the less intensive one day workshop.

The last three proposals will ensure that GPs are aware of the support available and that the information available via a range of media is up to date and comprehensive.


Courses for those diagnosed in the community
Intensive 5 day course for people recently diagnosed with dementia and their carers to be offered to people diagnosed in the community who are struggling. It will cover clinical, social and other aspects of their condition and the support available locally.

Courses for those diagnosed by Neurology
Post diagnosis support and information for people diagnosed by Neurology at Frenchay and their carers. Covering the same ground as above course. Discussions to date with Liz Coulthard Consultant Senior Lecturer, Neurology / BRACE.

Workshops for all with dementia and carers
Regular workshops covering the same ground as the courses described above, but offered to all people who have been diagnosed recently and their carers.

Extra educational input for GP practices
Working with individual practices to ensure that they have the skills, confidence and knowledge to take a holistic approach to the care of their patients and their carers. To be offered to all 26 GP practices in South Gloucestershire by September 2013.

Handbook and leaflets for all living with dementia
Comprehensive and plain English handbook for reference whenever people living with dementia want information and contact details for seeking support. To be accompanied by a number of leaflets providing specific audiences with more easily accessed information. These could include an easy read version for people with learning difficulties and others translated into languages spoken locally.

Dementia friendly website with link to handbook
Dementia ‘front door’ for WellAware website run by the Care Forum, accessed directly by people with access to a computer and by others via telephone advice. Wellaware will be linked to the new handbook and to A regularly updated source of information for all, from which the handbook and leaflets will be updated.

Anticipated outcomes

  • Improved access to more intensive courses for those who might benefit.
  • Access to less intensive course for all recently diagnosed and their carers.
  • Readily available information on local services and support in a range of formats
  • Professionals better equipped to advise on the range of support available.
  • Better quality outputs because people with dementia and carers (experts by experience) have been involved in their development.