The little things that happen

ContactJeff Turner, Verd de gris
AddressLuddendenfoot, Halifax, HX2 6NT

The little things that happenThis creative arts project explored aspects of memory and creativity with patients living with various forms of dementia, and in particular Alzheimers Disease.

The Little Things that Happen involved working with over 35 patients in over 30 group and individual sessions at Kershaw Grange Day Centre in Luddendenfoot, Halifax.

The project was a partnership between Kershaw Grange Day Centre, Cartwheel Arts in Heywood and Verd de gris art and design company.

The work undertaken in reminiscence and participatory workshop sessions led to the installation of new artwork informed by and owned by the participating group/s at Kershaw Grange. The Cabinet shown opposite now serves as a sensory resource for staff at the centre to use in future creative work.

One important aspect of the work was the chance to work with participants and staff to explore what can be done to engage and stimulate interest. Within the supportive environment of Kershaw Grange, the project offered simple artistic processes to gently encourage participation.

Creatively, this combined elements of painting, collage, print-making and pattern making with mosaics. The project also included a music session and a slide talk focussing on local history and cultural life in the Upper Calder Valley.

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