Towards a memory friendly Buckinghamshire

ContactMr Ojalae Jenkins, Joint Commissioning Manager, NHS Buckinghamshire / Buckinghamshire County Council
Telephone01296 383 183
AddressBuckinghamshire County Council, Walton Street, Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, HP20 1YU

This project aims to support communities in Buckinghamshire to respond positively to memory issues by better understanding the needs of someone with memory problems and working together to help people with dementia live well within their own communities.

This project forms part of the Buckinghamshire Dementia Strategic Plan, and addresses one of the priority areas; Building a long term strategy for a Memory Friendly Buckinghamshire.


  • Increase community awareness and understanding of dementia specifically amongst local business, community organisations and services
  • Establish 5 Memory Friendly Alliances across Buckinghamshire in Year 1
  • Develop a vision and a 10 year Memory Friendly Community strategy for Buckinghamshire in Year 2
  • Make recommendations for an Intergenerational strategy for Buckinghamshire
  • Establish a Service User Empowerment Group to strengthen user involvement in county services
  • Implement 2 pilot projects that exemplify the Buckinghamshire vision for a Memory Friendly Community

Learning from elsewhere

The project will adopt the Local Dementia Action Alliances (LDAA) approach, specifically taking learning from the LDAA pilots led by the Alzheimer’s Society in the South West.

LDAA seek to deliver the outcomes of the National Dementia Declaration at a local level. The National Dementia Declaration has been created by people with dementia, carers of people with dementia and a large number of organisations who seek to radically change the way that our society responds to dementia.

Each local alliance is as unique as the town or community in which it is created. They are not defined by population size or post code but by the membership. Established and driven forward by one individual or a steering group made up of community members and/or representatives from different organisations their aims are the same; to improve the lives of people living with dementia and their carers in their community. The membership can be made up of local businesses, civic organisations, community groups, associations, faith groups, schools and colleges, residential homes, charities as well as health and social care providers. Everyone can make a difference.

Members agree an action plan and deliver this as part of their commitment to the alliance and where possible register with the National Dementia Action Alliance.

Anticipiated outcomes

  • Reduced isolation for people with dementia and their carers through more opportunities to become involved in community activities
  • More support for carers in carrying out day to day living, particularly seeking cooperation from shops and other businesses in offering a more tailored service
  • More opportunities for people with dementia to remain living in their own home through greater community support
  • Reduced stress for both the person with dementia and the carer when an issue does occur in the community (eg becoming disorientated away from home)