CMG48: Support for commissioning of dementia care

CMG48: NICE support for commissioners of dementia careThis resource supports commissioners, clinicians and managers to commission high-quality evidence-based care for people with dementia and their carers.

Support for commissioning dementia care summarises the key commissioning issues and the resource impact that will arise from implementing the recommendations in NICE guidance and other NICE accredited guidance, to support improvements in the quality of care for people with dementia, in line with the statements and measures that comprise the NICE quality standards for dementia.

Increased investment in the identification of people with dementia has meant that greater numbers of people are being diagnosed with dementia, often at an early stage. This is creating greater demand for services that support people to live well with dementia. There is evidence that investing in this care and support can help prevent crises, avoid unnecessary hospital admissions and reduce the avoidable use of residential care.

TheĀ Commissioning tool that accompanies this guide enables commissioners to show how well they are performing against a range of outcome measures that together demonstrate how well the whole system is working. Where data is available, the tool also demonstrates where improvements against outcome measures have prevented or reduced avoidable expenditure in the health and social care system.

This guide updates and replaces the previous NICE commissioning guides on memory assessment services (2007) and end of life care for people with dementia (2010).

Other information

This support for commissioning should be used in conjunction with the following NICE guidance and quality standards: