Dementia awareness resource pack

Dementia awareness resource packThis pack contains a selection of quality assured awareness raising resources designed to promote living well with dementia. The resources include leaflets, factsheets, contact lists and a DVD.

The pack provides accessible information in the format that is suitable, appropriate and can be tailored for people living with dementia.

The pack was orginally intended for hospital care staff for use with people coming into hospital who may have dementia or experience symptoms associated with dementia. Although the pack is designed for use in a hospital setting there is clearly scope for it to be further developed for use in other settings, such as primary care.


  1. South West Dementia Partnership (2011) About the dementia awareness resource pack Bridgwater, South West Dementia Partnership.
  2. Alzheimer’s Society (2011) Remember the person. London, Alzheimer’s Society.
    The idea of Remember the person is encouraging people to be a friend to someone with dementia. It is trying to take the fear out of dementia and make people realise that people living with dementia are just people. It gives them ten simple things they can do to help a family living with dementia that will hopefully get people to support families living with dementia more.
  3. National End of Life Care Programme (2009) Planning for your future care – A guide. London, National End of Life Care Programme NHS
    This booklet provides a simple explanation about advanced care planning and the different options open to people.
  4. Age UK (2010) Going into hospital. London, Age UK.
    Age UK factsheet which provides information about going into hospital.
  5. Mental Health Foundation (2010) 10 Ways to look after your mental health. London, Mental Health Foundation.
    The Mental Health Foundation produces a range of publications, including reports, briefings and information booklets. Most of these can be downloaded free of charge from this site.
  6. Dementia UK (2011) Admiral Nursing Direct Postcard. London, Dementia UK.
    Contact details for information and support for family carers, people with dementia and professionals. Provided by experience Admiral Nurses and available by telephone and email
  7. Social Care Institute for Excellence (2010) The Dementia Gateway Postcard. London, Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIE).
    Postcard about the SCIE Dementia Gateway which offers free access to a wide range of resources, focusing on key topics in dementia care, e-learning materials, and films.
  8. Royal College of Nursing and Alzheimer’s Society (2010) This is me leaflet. London, Alzheimer’s Society.
    This leaflet provides professionals with information about a person with dementia to help enhance the care and support they receive whilst in an unfamiliar environment. It is not a medical document.
  9. Alzheimer’s Society (2010) What is dementia? London, Alzheimer’s Society.
    This Alzheimer’s Society factsheet explains dementia.
  10. Princess Royal Trust for Carers (2009) Putting People First without putting Carers Second. London, Princess Royal Trust for Carers.
    This report examines the challenges local councils and health trusts face in making personalisation a reality for carers alongside those they care for. The report offers some of the high impact solutions that are already in place to meet those challenges.
  11. Innovations in dementia (2011) Videos by people with dementia. Exeter, Innovations in dementia.
    A series of films made by people who are living with dementia. The films show people living their lives positively, with vitality and creativity. They are about people who are still learning, and still growing. They show that dementia is life-changing, but not life-ending.
  12. South West Dementia Partnership (2011) Dementia awareness resources library sheet Bridgwater, South West Dementia Partnership.
    Information sheet that provides a sample of the resources from the dementia awareness resources library, developed by the South West Dementia Partnership. The resources are additional examples, which are frequently asked about or have been developed locally.
  13. South West Dementia Partnership (2011) Dementia: useful organisations, telephone numbers and websites Bridgwater, South West Dementia Partnership.
    Information sheet that provides a summary of useful organisations, telephone numbers and websites to support people living well with dementia.

Other useful resources

Care homes

Caring for someone with dementia

  • Wiltshire Council (2011) Caring for Someone with Dementia. Wiltshire, Wiltshire Council
    Booklet providing advice and information for carers of people with dementia
  • Carers Support Service Cornwall Rural Community Council (2010) Carers Information Pack 2010 – 2011. Cornwall, Carers Support Service Cornwall Rural Community Council.
    Booklet providing advice and information for carers of people with dementia

Causes of dementia

  • Devon Partnership NHS Trust and Torbay Care Trust (2009) Areas of the Brain affected in Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia.
    This short film presented by Drs David Somerfield and Alison Carr gives an overview of the main regions of the brain important in dementia.

Children and Families

End of life care

Living well

  • NHS Gloucestershire et al (2010) Gloucestershire Living Well handbook. Gloucestershire, NHS Gloucestershire et al.
    The inspiration for this handbook came from the real life experiences of a person living with dementia and his carer who felt it was important to have one place to store essential information.
  • Cornwall Council (2009) Services for people with dementia Cornwall, Cornwall Council.
    This booklet contains useful information about services available to people in the Cornwall area


Seldom heard

  • Joseph Rowntree Foundation and University of Edinburgh (2010) Supporting Derek. London, Joseph Rowntree Foundation.
    DVD and training manual on diagnosing and supporting someone with learning difficulties and dementia.
  • Social Care Institute for Excellence (2011) Black and minority ethnic people with dementia and their access to support and services. Research briefing 35. London, Social Care Institute for Excellence.
    This briefing discusses the ways in which services can become better at responding to the needs of Black and minority ethnic people in their locality.