Dementia Diaries

The Dementia DiariesThe Dementia Diaries is an illustrated children’s book which tells the stories of 8 young people and their experiences of living with dementia in their families through four characters’ diaries.

The Dementia Diaries follows the stories of Brie, Sam, Sarah and Fred as they learn about dementia and how it affects their grandparents on a day-by-day basis. It’s a view of dementia through the eyes of young people which aims to dispels the fears and myths associated with the condition.

The Dementia Diaries was co-produced by SILK (Social Innovation Lab Kent) and young people and families from Kent. It is now in all the schools and libraries in Kent and Surrey and is being used to support conversations and promote awareness and understanding.

The Dementia Diaries can be purchased at

The video below shows a documentary about the making of ‘The Dementia Diaries’.