Dementia Resource Suite

Dementia Resource SuiteThe Dementia Resource Suite contains tools and resources developed by pupils and teachers as part of an intergenerational project, to create dementia friendly communities in 22 pioneer schools across England in 2012-13.

The Dementia Resource Suite is aimed at the providing learning opportunities as part of the non-statutory PSHE aspect of the national curriculum, but has wider opportunities for reaching into all subjects.

Download the Dementia Resource Suite

The Dementia Resource Suite includes:

  • a ’10-Step Guide to Getting Started’ aimed at getting your local project up and running smoothly and quickly
  • a model letter to parents and carers for school newsletters
  • baseline questionnaire
  • a full range of participative learning activities
  • video resources (shown below)
  • advice and templates to support you to promote your project, and
  • contact details of the pioneer schools

The work of the pioneer schools was evaluated by the Association of Dementia Studies, University of Worcester and the findings have been used to shape the Resource Suite. This project is part of the Dementia Friendly Communities Programme, itself part of the wider Prime Minister’s Dementia Challenge.

Video resources

Dementia schools teaching aid part 1
In this film a year 8 class in a Birmingham school host a range of dementia experts and have the chance to learn about the condition and understand the issues connected with it.

Dementia schools teaching aid part 2
This film follows dementia patient Jim Richards and highlights the affects the disease has on his wife and his two granddaughters, whom they have brought up since they were toddlers.

Dementia schools teaching aid part 3
In this film a Birmingham secondary school engage in a group-based activity to discuss key issues such as what they understood the condition to be and what the effects on the life of sufferers would be.

Dementia schools teaching aid part 4
In this film a year 8 class in a Birmingham school put questions about dementia to Jenifer La Fontaine from the Association for Dementia Studies at the University of Worcester. The class then went on to watch a film called “living with dementia”, which depicts how a family deal with the disease.