Getting to Know Me: Supporting people with dementia in general hospitals

Getting to Know Me: Supporting people with dementia in general hospitalsThe Greater Manchester Health Innovation and Education Cluster have developed training materials to support staff working on dementia awareness in general hospitals.

The materials, which are free to download, include:

  • Manual for Trainers The manual contains all you need to know about the training materials, and it will take you step by step through the process of delivering the “Getting to Know Me” training sessions. Please consult this document in the first instance.
  • Access presentations 1-6 or the high-contrast versions There are six different PowerPoint presentations available in standard and high-contrast versions. Please see the training manual for instructions on their use.
  • PDF copies of training materials In addition to the PowerPoint presentations trainers may wish to download additional resources in PDF format.
  • Video clips The interviews and RCN video clip support the training session PowerPoint presentations. The video below is illustrative of the video clips

The “Getting to Know Me” training programme can be targeted at staff of all grades who have regular contact with hospital patients who may have dementia. It is anticipated that the staff that you train will have had little – or no – previous training in dementia care, and as such it provides a foundation of knowledge and skills.

To deliver this training effectively, it is recommended that you have a good understanding of dementia and person-centred practice, and the confidence and skills to facilitate a training session.

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