Guidance and standards for diagnosing dementia

Diagnosing Dementia Guidance and StandardsThis Guidance sets out the process and associated standards for making a diagnosis of dementia in primary health care services, and by specialist memory assessment services.

It outlines the role of primary care in the initial assessment, diagnosis and long term management of the person with dementia. It takes account of and reflects the need for ongoing advice, support and services for the person with dementia and their carers/families, irrespective of where or when that diagnosis is made.

It sets out the standards essential to making a diagnosis, by a specialist Memory Assessment Service or within primary care.

The Guidance has been produced by a Working Group established by the South West Dementia Partnership. It supplements the South West Dementia Partnership’s Guidance on the Commissioning of Memory Assessment Services (2010).

It is intended as guidance and source of information to inform the commissioning, redesign and delivery of services for people with dementia in primary and secondary care.

Download: Download Diagnosing Dementia Guidance and Standards