Kinda Magic toolkit

Kinda Magic toolkitThe Kinda Magic toolkit, developed by Peninsula Community Health, provides a framework to gathering patient experience feedback, that seeks to capture the real experiences behind the data collected for quality monitoring metrics.

This happens through engaging patients in conversation while they respond to questions (metrics) about aspects of their care and treatment. Asking them to expand on their responses to the questions gives meaning to the metrics and provides rich insights into what needs changing and also how.

The Kinda Magic approach then builds on this foundation and provides some tools and methods to collect feedback from those very patients who are so often excluded; these are some of our most vulnerable patients.

The key to the success of the Kinda Magic approach is its flexibility to adapt to different settings and client groups. This is because it provides a set of principles, rather than a fixed methodology, for applying it in practice.

Organisations who have used the process have applied it in quite different ways. The principles, however, are the same in all settings and enable improvements to be owned and driven by staff.

Kinda Magic puts quality where it belongs, at the point of contact with patients, clients, residents, or service users whilst providing the organisation with the information it needs for quality monitoring.

Kinda Magic was one of nine projects funded by the NHS Institute in the Patient Feedback Challenge. It was led by Peninsula Community Heath, working with several health and social care partners.

The Kinda Magic toolkit includes

  1. An Introduction to the Kinda Magic Toolkit
  2. The Principles and Guidance
  3. Core – Patient Experience Feedback Tool PDF | PowerPoint
  4. Easy Read Feedback Tool PDF | PowerPoint
  5. Prompt Cards PDF | PowerPoint
  6. Observation Feedback Tool PDF | PowerPoint
  7. Children’s Feedback Tool PDF | PowerPoint
  8. Mental Health Feedback Tool PDF | PowerPoint