Making involvement count

The resource pack is made up 18 cards each aimed at giving specific information, advice and top tips on a range of topics that will help overcome or prevent this, and support people with dementia to get involved in activities whilst recognising their current abilities.

The resource cards have been written by people living with dementia, individuals, carers, volunteers and staff. The focus is to strengthen opportunities and directly involve people with dementia as well as carers.

Download: Involving people living with dementia: What works resource pack

Top tips include:

  • Be clear about the task – amount of time involved, what is expected, what difference it will make.
  • How do people prefer to communicate their views and experiences?
  • Choice of opportunities – doesn’t have to be at a meeting. Take time to capture people’s views in a different way.
  • Take account of the individual’s preferences when arranging times and venues.
  • Consider the need for travel expenses and replacement care costs.
  • Discuss with the person what interests them. Match interests with involvement opportunities.
  • Consider asking a local group which meets regularly to discuss the topic/or develop the opportunity for people to discuss the issues they face.
  • Be clear about how people want to be known – some are very happy to be quoted by name, their age and condition others prefer to be anonymous.
  • Does the person require any help with being involved? You will need to ensure this is all in place and the person is supported at the event.
  • SAY thank you.
  • People will want to ‘hold you to account’.
  • Explanation of what the organisation/or service has changed as a consequence of the feedback?