World Alzheimer Report 2012: Overcoming the stigma of dementia

Overcoming the stigma of dementiaVia Alzheimer’s Disease International

The report ‘Overcoming the stigma of dementia’, recently published by Alzheimer’s Disease International, shares results from a worldwide survey of people with dementia and carers on their personal experiences of stigma, revealing that nearly one in four people with dementia conceal their diagnosis, citing stigma as the main reason. 40% of people with dementia report not being included in everyday life. The report provides information on stigma and dementia, and makes recommendations which could help reduce stigma.


The report, launched by Alzheimer’s Disease International on World Alzheimer’s Day was based on a global survey of 2,500 people with dementia and carers across more than 50 countries. It is the largest international survey of how stigma and lack of understanding affects people with dementia. The full report includes quotes from carers and people with dementia, further analysis of the survey responses and a selection of essays from people with expertise and experience relevant to dementia and stigma. Among the key recommendations were the need to educate the public, give people with dementia a voice and to involve people with dementia in their local communities.

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