Big changes on Musgrove's Sedgemoor Ward

Fran Pitt showing members of staff the plans for the ward

Fran Pitt showing members of staff the plans for the ward

Plans have been unveiled at Musgrove Park Hospital in Taunton for an innovative make-over of Sedgemoor – an acute medical ward for older people.

The improvements focus on the needs of people with dementia, but will benefit all patients as well as visitors and staff.

The team on Sedgemoor, led by ward Sister Sue Wood, have been working on the plans since February, when the prestigious King’s Fund awarded Sedgemoor Ward a place on their Enhancing the Healing Environment Programme – one of only 12 out of 60 applicants. As well as some funding, the award includes training in the latest thinking on dementia care environments.

Sue Wood said,

“The radical aspect of the plan is to completely remove the nursing station, replacing it with a reception counter. This will open up the ward area to make room for informal seating areas for visitors to sit with patients and share in activities. It will also make the ward more welcoming and create a very calm atmosphere – often a challenge on a busy ward!”

A quiet room for patient/carer meetings will be provided and the bathrooms will be given familiar domestic style fittings which will make them more user friendly for patients. A new shower room will be installed and improvements made to the existing one.

Fran Pitt is a volunteer working as part of the team. She said,

“The benefits will be huge – increased dignity and independence for patients. The new design will make it easier for patients to find their way around the ward, and colour themes will be introduced for each ward bay, with clearer word and picture signage for the bathrooms.”

The work on Sedgemoor Ward will be completed next year.

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