Carers and telecare

Carers and telecareA recent report published by Carers UK, ‘Carers and telecare’, examines the evidence and opportunities provided by telecare and telehealth and the barriers to greater take-up.

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The survey findings include:

  • Over 60% of carers surveyed said telecare/telehealth had given them peace of mind as a carer
  • One in eight carers said telecare/telehealth had helped them stay in work or return to work alongside caring.
  • Yet almost two thirds of carers not using telecare/telehealth were unaware of the support available from technology.
  • Of carers not currently using telecare/telehealth one in four would like it but simply did not know where to find it.
  • Only 6% of carers said they would not want telecare/telehealth.