Dementia Community Roadshow provides lifeline to 100,000 families

On 14 June Alzheimer’s Society, Alzheimer Scotland and Tesco launched the UK’s first ever Dementia Community Roadshow. With more than a million people predicted to be living with undiagnosed dementia in 2021, the Roadshow is an essential first step in providing much needed information and advice about the condition.

The Charity of the Year partnership launched in March this year and published a joint Mapping the Dementia Gap study that revealed huge variations in the numbers of people with dementia receiving a diagnosis around the UK. Overall, 60% of people with dementia in the UK currently don’t have a diagnosis. Many people delay seeking help because of low awareness of symptoms and treatments or fear they will lose their independence. But a formal diagnosis is vital for people with dementia so they can access drugs, support and advice to enable them to live well with the condition.

The Dementia Community Roadshow aims to reach 100,000 people over three years and will visit Tesco car parks across the UK spending two days at every store it visits. The Roadshow will help raise awareness, provide vital information and advice on dementia, direct people to essential, local services and help bring people concerned about their memory one step closer to achieving a diagnosis.

People can find out when the Dementia Community Roadshow will be in their area or can request the Roadshow visits a Tesco store near them at If people are worried about their memory, or are affected by dementia, and the Dementia Community Roadshow isn’t coming to their area soon, they can visit for further information and advice.

Information about dementia and diagnosis rates for the UK are available in an interactive map at

For further information Dementia Community Roadshows please contact Vicky Ames at or call 020 7423 3595 or Jenny Hamer at or call 020 7423 359.

For more information about Alzheimer’s Society, Alzheimer Scotland and Tesco Charity of the Year 2011 please visit