Guide to commissioning for maximum value

Via the Social Return on Investment Network

The Social Return on Investment Network (SROI), in co-operation with the Local Government Association (LGA) have recently published a new ‘Guide to commissioning for maximum value‘.

The guide brings together a range of related practice and is intended as a starting point for further development of professional commissioning practice. The guide is aimed at commissioning teams responsible for public services, and is most relevant to those with responsibility for relational services, dealing with what value is and how it may be better understood and taken into account in decision making throughout the cycle of commissioning.


Social Return on Investment (SROI) is:

  • a framework for measuring and accounting for the value created and destroyed by activities
  • designed to measure change that is relevant to the people or organisations that experience change
  • a way to analyse value beyond that captured in prices, although some of the value SROI captures may have been paid for
  • based on seven principles, which are: involve stakeholders, only include what is material, understand what changes, value the things that matter, do not overclaim, be transparent and verify the result.

Further information:

The Social Return on Investment Network