Ministerial advisory group on dementia research

Following the 2009 summit on dementia research a new ministerial advisory group on dementia research (MAGDR) was formed. This will maintain the momentum begun at the Summit to help improve the volume, quality and impact of dementia research.

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The group will be task focused and time-limited and its key workstreams will be progressed by a series of sub-groups, reporting back to the main group. The sub-group workstreams include:

  • 1. Agreeing the priority research topics in care, cause and cure, in the main areas of cause, cure and care but also to include prevention. This will help to inform the decisions of research funding bodies and focus the work of dementia researchers.
  • 2. Identifying ways of raising public awareness of, and support for, dementia research and increasing public engagement in dementia research, via recruitment to trials and other studies or via tissue donation.
  • 3. Increasing the success of dementia research in securing available funding and support and identifying ways to improve the capacity and capability of the dementia research workforce.
  • 4. Developing better ways of working, strengthening interdisciplinarity and extending collaboration between researchers and between public and private sectors; exploring further ways to ‘bust bureaucracy’ where there are issues specific to dementia research.
  • 5. Improving the ‘translation’ of research into better treatment and care. Developing stronger links between academics and research ‘end users’ and working with existing bodies to improve knowledge transfer across the health and care sector.