Launch of the National Dementia Declaration

Minister Paul Burstow recently launched the National Dementia Declaration, alongside Ruth Sutherland, CEO of the Alzheimer’s Society, at the Department of Health conference Improving Dementia Care on 26 October 2010.

The Declaration outlines seven outcomes people with dementia and their carers say they would like to see in their lives. This includes having personal choice, having support to help them live their life and living in an enabling and supportive environment.

  • Download the National Dementia Declaration
  • Download the National Dementia Declaration Action Plans
  • It brings together a group of 44 organisations to form the largest ever united front against dementia.

    The Department has identified four objectives for driving forward improvements for securing improvements in dementia care, including:

    • good-quality early diagnosis and intervention for all
    • improved quality of care in general hospitals
    • living well with dementia in care homes, and
    • reduced use of anti-psychotic medication.

    The press release, which was issued by the Alzheimer’s Society, can be found at:

    Care Services Minister Paul Burstow said:

    “Dementia is more than a health issue, it’s one of the defining social challenge of our time. We have to prepare ourselves now for the impact this will have on our society as our population ages.

    This Dementia Declaration shows tremendous commitment from across health and care services and the voluntary sector, to transform services and tackle stigma to make a difference for people with dementia and their families. Willingness to join forces to act should spur more organisations to join this movement for change”