NHS Outcomes Framework consultation

The Department of Health is seeking views in developing the NHS Outcomes Framework which aims to give control back to patients and clinicians by focusing on what really matters – improved health outcomes for all.

You can have your say by downloading the response form and sending the completed form to the Quality and Outcomes team or you can contribute online and add your comments and views on the following broad areas:

  • The principles that should underpin the NHS Outcomes Framework
  • A proposed structure and approach that could be used to develop the Framework
  • How the proposed Outcomes Framework can support equality across all groups and can help reduce health inequalities
  • How the proposed Outcomes Framework can support the necessary partnership working between public health and social care services needed to deliver the best possible outcomes for patients and carers
  • Potential outcome indicators, including methods for selection, that could be presented in the framework

At the bottom of each page you can write your thoughts and read comments left by others. All comments will be considered before the consultation response is published. If you would like to make a more detailed contribution to the consultation download the response form and send it to the Quality and Outcomes team.

The consultation closes on October 11 2010.