Progress in care for dementia sufferers in Plymouth

Via a news article in the Plymouth Herald

Ian Sherriff, chairman of the Alzheimer’s Society South West area forum, said:

“Plymouth is going a long way to planning for the huge rise in numbers, through people working together and academic analysis of what’s happening. The partnership between NHS Plymouth, Derriford Hospital, the city council, university, caring agencies and voluntary sector is really starting to work. I think there’s been a change in the past couple of years but with rising numbers, we musn’t take out feet off the pedal.”

Julie Wilson, NHS Plymouth commissioner, said care for dementia patients and their carers is a top priority in the city. She said:

“People are really working together. We’ve got a really good strong partnership that’s covering all the care pathways in dementia. The numbers are going to rise, but making sure the most appropriate services are in place is key. We have to make sure support is there and we will be making sure it is there. It is one of the key areas the primary care trust is delivering on.”