Art classes on Hartor Ward, Derriford Hospital

ContactSarah Carlson, Matron Healthcare of Elderly, Derriford Hospital, Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust
AddressDerriford Rd, Crownhill, Plymouth, Devon, PL6 8DH

What is being done?

A local artist has been commissioned to lead classes on Hartor Ward at Derriford Hospital, enabling people with dementia to partcipate in weekly group art class, supported by occupational therapy and nursing support workers.

What is new and different?

Involvement of a local artist within the clinical environment of the acute hospital; the use of an expert artist has promoted a real exploration of art and art skills amongst patients.

What difference this seems to be making

  • Patients have enjoyed the art classes and many have rediscovered old talents or interest in art.
  • The group class encourages interaction and group discussion, which is often limited within the patient bays.
  • Patients have had fun and experience increased self esteem and motivation.

Plans for taking the project forward

Art classes are being planned for other Healthcare of Elderly wards.