Dementia education and training at Torbay Hospital

ContactMaggi Dunbar-Douglas, Dementia Specialist Nurse, South Devon Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust
AddressTorbay Hospital, Lowes Bridge, Torquay, TQ2 7AA

What is being done?

The training module, HEAP342 Enhancing the Care and Support of the Person with Dementia and their Carer, is run one day a week over a 10 week period. It is offered at degree level (20 credits) and assessed through a 3000 word essay and completion of a competency document.

The aim of the module is to support the student to develop underpinning skills and knowledge to provide an effective, evidence based approach to the care of the person with dementia and their carer. In the process it encourages the student look at their own practice areas and make to a small change.

What is new and different?

Dementia awareness sessions are provided for all levels of staff accompanied by a pocket guide on how to communicate with people living with dementia in 12 steps. Link Nurses take the awareness training forward in their own work areas.

What difference this seems to be making

Participants gain knowledge of dementia in its various forms and are able to support the team by applying this knowledge. They are able to demonstrate a positive contribution to care provision and service improvement. The course has received excellent evaluations.

Plans for taking the project forward

The module leader is in the process of evaluating the course. The course will be offered across the South West region.

Download a presentation about Dementia Education in Torbay Hospital