Using e-learning to improve dementia education amongst staff across Bristol

ContactJane Bailey, Continual Professional Development Lead, University Hospitals Bristol NHS Foundation Trust
AddressBristol Royal Infirmary, Upper Maudlin St, Bristol, BS2 8HW

What is being done?

University Hospitals Bristol NHS Foundation Trust and North Bristol NHS Trust are using a new e-learning platform to deliver a variety of dementia education modules to a mixed group of staff including housekeepers, nursing assistants, registered nurses, administrative staff and allied health professionals.

At University Hospitals Bristol NHS Foundation Trust access to the platform, its use and the completion of the learning modules is being monitored and verbal feedback from staff is being recorded in order to inform Trust wide roll out.

What is new and different?

Key features include:

  • Staff can access learning at a time and place convenient to them
  • The learning modules are available to all groups who meet patients, across all bands
  • The evaluation is being used to inform the roll out of the learning platform across the Trust

What difference this seems to be making

The impact of the learning includes:

  • Genuine enthusiasm for this learning from all staff
  • Staff are using learning in their practice, evidenced from discussions and comments from audio taped feedback
  • There have been some issues around easy access and study time and these are being addressed
  • Plans for the roll out of the learning are well advanced – and lessons from the pilot are influencing implementation in other areas of the hospital
  • The learning platform is intrinsic to the joint dementia education strategy