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Digital TimelinesDigital Timelines is a new and innovative European Union supported project that seeks to support people with memory loss or dementia by developing a training course which will instruct formal and informal carers, family and friends to create a Personal Digital Memory (PDM) tool.

Download recent research reports

  • Digital Timelines UK National report: This report provides a review of dementia, digital and non-digital tools and also discusses the findings of discussions with people from national support agencies and local care providers in the UK.
  • Digital Timelines International comparison report: This report provides an overview of digital and non-digital tools and compares the findings from the five countries involved in the Digital Timelines project, based on both primary and secondary data from each National report.

The project maximises the use of developments in ICT with regards “multi-media” digital devices and associated progress in consumer access to produce a training programme and bespoke digital resources which can encapsulate memory stimulating information from a variety of media to benefit specifically the person with dementia and their family and friends, as well as professional carers and those entering the profession.

The project aims to allow practitioners in care as well as family members to produce an effective resource which is at very little or no cost to the persons with dementia or their carers. The project encapsulates a research element which then makes an international comparison of the partner countries (UK, Romania, Slovenia, Turkey & Sweden) which informs the development of the training package that is easily transferable and accessible to individuals, carers, family and professionals alike.

People in direct or indirect contact with people with dementia will become trained in the production of the digital timelines videos across Europe as well as be trained in the ability to train others in the production of same. This will allow them to appreciate how they, or those trained by them, can improve the life of a person with dementia by stimulating memories in a technical based multimedia way.

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