Electronic Board Rounds at Torbay Hospital

ContactLiz Childs, Director of Nursing, South Devon Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust
AddressTorbay Hospital, Lowes Bridge, Torquay, TQ2 7AA

What is being done?

Torbay Hospital has implemented Electronic Board Rounds as part of SWIFT PLUS, the electronic information system, and members the South West Dementia Partnership Peer Review team were able to observe a Post Take ward round that  was able to identify the patients current status in “real time” and enabled all the members of the care team to provide input (2 patients had a likely diagnosis of dementia) and make early plans for assessment / treatment etc. in a more coordinated and timely way.

What is new and different?

SWIFT PLUS is being implemented in parts of the South West Region, its use here is clearly enabling and supporting effective care planning.

What difference this seems to be making

It was evident that this was a much more timely and co ordinated approach that was helping to progress the patients journey more effectively than the traditional style of ward rounds.

Plans for taking the project forward

Plans are in hand to roll out across Torbay Hospital.