Multi-disciplinary care rounding project in Gloucestershire

ContactSandra Attwood, Modern Matron for General Old Age Medicine, Stroke and Neurology, Gloucester Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
AddressGloucestershire Royal Hospital Great Western Road, Gloucester, Gloucestershire, GL1 3NN

What is being done?

The work includes:

  • Individual bed round based on a detailed assessment of the patient’s care needs.
  • A checklist to inform that assessment has been developed, trialled and refined.
  • The scheme is running as a trial until an evaluation of safety and quality outcomes is completed.
  • Phased roll out within Medical Division, initially on 3 general medical wards, currently at phase 5 of roll out with many acute wards having implemented the trial.

What is new and different?

  • PDSA approach to service improvement supported by Innovations Coordinator
  • Multi-disciplinary, and has buy in across professional groups.

What difference this seems to be making

Initial results for Phase 1 of project:

  • Reductions in falls
  • Reductions in pressure ulcer development
  • Improved patient experiences reported

Plans for taking the project forward

  • Due to roll out to Unscheduled Care wards in the spring.
  • Developing staff engagement
  • E-learning package in development
  • Exploring possibility of including Multi Disciplinary Team Care Rounding into Nursing Band 5 Role Transition framework
  • Exploring the possibility of holding dedicated Nursing Mentor training
  • Exploring the possibility for position as guest lecturer in the Under Graduate General Nursing Programme at the University of the West of England, Gloucester Campus