Race Against Dementia

ContactDavid Truswell, Chair, Race Against Dementia Campaign Group
AddressStamford Hill, London, N16 5TJ

Race Against Dementia is an alliance of groups currently providing information and support to people from Black, Asian and minority ethnic communities in the UK.

Race Against Dementia promotes improved understanding of dementia in Black, Asian and minority ethnic communities and improved services and support for all those living with dementia and their carers and families. The alliance wants to invite the support of any and all of those who want to help with its aims.

The All Party Parliamentary Group report ‘Dementia does not discriminate’ in July 2013 indicated that the numbers of people from black, Asian and minority communities in the UK living with dementia will increase sevenfold by 2051 to reach 172,000. This will mainly impact on those settled migrant communities with the oldest age demographic; those arriving in the UK during the 1960s and 1970s. Chief amongst these are the Irish, Indian and African-Caribbean populations, but other smaller more dispersed long-standing communities such as the Chinese will be significantly affected.

Local community and faith groups throughout the UK have a potentially powerful role to play in both educating communities, working with commissioners and delivering support and guidance but this role is currently barely tapped into. Race Against Dementia is calling for increased investment in capacity building in grass roots organisations to provide competent support and information to those in black, Asian and minority ethnic communities living with dementia and their relatives and carers.

As a result of this increased capacity the alliance aims to acheive improvements in practice, knowledge and awareness of dementia, inclusive policy making and research.

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