Research helping to reduce inappropriate prescribing of antipsychotics

Via Alzheimer’s Society

Studies into depression and agitation and aggression will play a key role in helping to reduce inappropriate prescriptions of antipsychotics for people with dementia. These symptoms can cause significant distress for people with dementia and carers and are often the reason for antipsychotics being prescribed.

Findings from the studies include:

  • two common antidepressants are not clinically effective for treating significant depression in Alzheimer’s
  • agitation levels of people with moderate or severe dementia in care homes who were treated with pain medication were reduced by 17 per cent over eight weeks
  • the Alzheimer’s drug Ebixa was not beneficial for treating clinically significant agitation in people with later stage Alzheimer’s although there was a potential benefit for aggression and it did improve cognition

Read more about the studies on the Alzheimer’s Society website

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