Commissioning for Carers Principles

This practical tool is part of a suite of products that will help commissioners to deliver what carers say is important to them in ways that have been shown to work effectively and efficiently in practice.

The Commissioning for Carers Principles focus on key actions that are most likely to achieve the best outcomes from the evidence and case studies that have been received.

Download Commissioning for Carers Principles | Read the Principles online

The Principles are based on the latest research, case-studies and best-practice and are the vital and common ingredients to deliver better outcomes for carers, patients, commissioners, practitioners and local communities.

The Principles are:

  1. Think Carer, Think Family; Make Every Contact Count
  2. Support what works for carers, share and learn from others
  3. Right care, right time, right place for carers
  4. Measure what matters to carers
  5. Support for carers depends on partnership working
  6. Leadership for carers at all levels
  7. Train staff to identify and support carers
  8. Prioritise carers health and wellbeing
  9. Invest in carers to sustain and save
  10. Support carers to access local resources

To help commissioners consider current commissioning practices with regards to carers and how this could be improved, the practical tool includes a simple self-assessment questionnaire designed teams to rate themselves and identify areas for improvement. Supplementary questions have been included to help trigger conversations and stimulate ideas. The intention is to help with decision making processes to support a return on investment and help make the business planning process easier. Links to detailed case studies have been included.

The Commissioning for Carers Principles form part of NHS England’s Commitments to Carers, published on 7 May 2014, and the RCGP Supporting Carers in General Practice Programme, to help in identifying, supporting and recognising the vital roles that carers play to support them to provide better care and to stay well themselves.