Gloucestershire Living Well Handbook

Gloucestershire Living Well Handbook

Gloucestershire Living Well Handbook

The Gloucestershire Living Well Handbook has been developed to allow people living with dementia to communicate their likes, dislikes, medical and lifestyle needs to carers and healthcare staff.

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Containing everything from personal details to current prescriptions, it can be accessed by the different services and professionals who provide care and support, including Community Dementia Nurses, Dementia Advisors, domiciliary care staff and primary care teams.

It also provides essential information for carers at a time when it’s most needed, this can be anything from advice on council tax benefits to end of life care planning.

The book can developed with the person as their needs change and their condition progresses, so if their communication skills become impaired, their wishes and needs which have been outlined in the booklet can still be found.

Designed and developed by NHS Gloucestershire in collaboration with an individual who has dementia and his carer, the Alzheimer’s Society and various other community partners, the Living Well Handbook will be rolled out this autumn.

Jill Crook, NHS Gloucestershire’s Director for Clinical Development and Engagement, said

“The handbook will prove invaluable for patients and staff. It’s about making life as easy as possible for people living with dementia and those who care for them… NHS Gloucestershire is committed to providing care closer to home and projects such as the Living Well Handbook can help those with dementia stay at home for longer.”

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4 thoughts on “Gloucestershire Living Well Handbook

  1. Helen Vaughan

    Dear Rowan

    It was great to see that the Gloucestershire Living Well Handbook is still on the Dementia Partnership website, but I had some feedback recently about difficulties downloading it – and I couldn’t either when I tried just now. I do now have a pdf version of the revised version if you would like me to forward it (I’d be keen to keen it on the DP website).

    I wondered if I could include my contact details as we are happy to share the resource but it would be nice to track where it is taken up and receive any feedback/evaluation.

    Best wishes, Helen Vaughan

    1. Rowan Purdy Post author

      Hi Helen,

      The link is working correctly now. Happy to replace this version of the handbook with the latest version and include your contact details.

      Rowan, Editor, Dementia Partnerships

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