Making your home dementia friendly

This booklet published by the Alzheimer’s Society aims to help people with dementia to live well in their own home. It describes ways to create or adapt the home environment so that it remains a safe and familiar place. This can help make daily living activities easier and keep people in touch with the things they enjoy doing.

Download Making your home dementia friendly

The booklet includes practical tips that you can carry out quickly and easily. Many of these have come from the personal experiences of people with dementia as well as family members and care staff.

It also provides suggestions for adaptations that might help as dementia progresses. These further ideas may require help from other people or extra items or equipment.

At the back of the booklet, there is also a handy checklist to fill in. Using this can help you keep track of changes you have already made and make a note of additional steps you may want to make.

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