The Right Prescription: resource pack

Pharmacists prescribing resource pack

Pharmacists prescribing resource pack

Although there are clinical situations where a time-limited prescription of antipsychotic drugs may be appropriate, often antipsychotic drugs are over prescribed for people living with dementia. This resource pack will support pharmacists, who play a crucial role in medicines optimisation, to have critical conversations about the prescription of antipsychotics in dementia and reduce inappropriate prescribing.

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The resource pack contains a digest of information, guidance and tools to support pharmacists and other healthcare professionals. It includes:

  • Essential information about dementia and how it affects people
  • A list of the drugs that are covered as part of this call to action
  • Steps to take to query prescriptions either reactively or proactively
  • Information about alternative therapies for these people with dementia including evidence of the benefits of non-pharmacological approaches and how to find them locally
  • Clarity about what to track and report to help us understand progress over time
  • Information on how this fits into your continuing professional development

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