Sheffield dementia information pack

Sheffield dementia information packThis pack provides a guide to the medical, care, support and advice services in Sheffield and to living well for those worried about their worsening memory problems and those with a diagnosis of dementia.

It has five sections:

  • Introduction
  • Section 2 describes what dementia is and its symptoms
  • Section 3 summarises the most frequently offered suggestions about how to live well with dementia
  • Section 4 is an overview of the assessment, support and advice services in Sheffield, and focuses on the role of the National Health Service (NHS) memory services and the pathways into them
  • Section 5 is a directory of advice and support services in Sheffield that have expertise in dementia.

Financial support for the booklet’s production was provided by the Marjorie Coote Old People’s Charity Fund, Sheffield Town Trust, Sheffield Church Burgesses Trust and the University of Sheffield.