Technology Charter for People Living with Dementia in Scotland

This charter has been written in partnership with people living with dementia to drive change and to raise public and professional awareness of how technology can make a difference to the lives of those living with dementia in Scotland.

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Technologies such as smart phones, computers, tablets, apps and smart televisions are now commonplace in our lives – not just because they are available – but because people find them useful.

Technology can enable people with dementia to live longer at home or in a homely setting, stay independent for longer and give people greater choice about their care. It has the potential to reduce the stress and distress of those living with dementia and enhance quality of life at all stages in the dementia journey.

Technology can also offer huge benefits not just to people living with dementia but to all the partners in care who support them to live a safe and healthy life in the community of their choice.

The Charter aims to empower people living with dementia to have confident and informed conversations as early as possible with partners in care. Conversations about what is possible and about how technology can complement the human care and support that is crucial to people living with dementia and how we can all work together to design and develop new technologies.

The Charter sets out the following values:

  1. Practice and service provision is rights based, personalised and free from discrimination.
  2. Unpaid carers and families are recognised and valued as equal partners in care.
  3. Information and advice about technology is available in clear everyday language and in a variety of formats.
  4. Routes and access to technology are ethical, equitable, simple, understandable and user-friendly.
  5. Consideration of technology is embedded at all key points in the integrated dementia care pathway.
  6. Technology augments – but does not replace – human intervention.

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