The Daily Sparkle

The Daily Sparkle is a professionally written daily and weekly reminiscence and activity tool supported by the UK’s leading care organisations such as the NHS, AgeUK and DementiaUK.

The Daily Sparkle is full of articles, quizzes, old news stories, gossip, puzzles, singalongs and entertainment geared towards stimulating the mind and improving memory.

The Sparkle is actually designed for ‘general elderly’ and ‘early to mid stage dementia’. Many older people with dementia will be able to read and enjoy the Sparkle. Others will enjoy having it read to them.

The Daily Sparkle is especially designed to stimulate personal memories. By using the scientifically proven therapeutic benefits of reminiscence your clients can delay or reduce the symptoms of dementia and gain a wide range of health benefits.

Key features:

  • Easy and fun to use
  • Builds relationships between staff and residents, resident with resident, and even between care staff.
  • Flexible– suitable for group sessions, with residents confined to bed and as casual conversation.
  • Comprehensive ‘quick start’ guide make the most of the features and to be the basis of a simple reminiscence training
  • Visitors love using The Sparkles to enhance their interactions.
  • Orientation – clear references to the day’s date help maintain a link to the present
  • Perfect for group reminiscence sessions – helps to build community
  • One-on-one tool – can be read to the resident at their bedside
  • Vivid images offer an alternative to the written word
  • Large, clear fonts so residents can read unaccompanied
  • Branded for YOUR home – your name on the cover impresses visitors and the CQC and is a great marketing tool Include references to this on your own website
  • “Your News” template can personalise editions with your own home’s news – birthdays, trips, menus
  • Free trial – try before you subscribe

The Daily Sparkle is produced by Everyday Miracles Ltd., a social enterprise that trades for the benefit of people and the planet.

Find out more at or call 0800 228 9698.

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