Windows of opportunity for prevention and early intervention in dementia toolkit

Early intervention is often seen as anticipatory information and support delivered at the Windows of opportunityearliest stage of dementia, following diagnosis. Prevention encompasses the range of interventions that prevent an increase in need that may tip an individual into a higher or more intensive level of service. Produced by the Social Care Institute for Excellence, this online resource explains this further and offers a greater understanding of the journey through dementia.

  • Introduction
    Early intervention and prevention in the delivery of community personal support.
  • The journey
    A person’s journey with dementia and the windows of opportunity for interventions along the way.
  • Transition points
    The potential transition points along someone’s journey with dementia.
  • Personal resources
    Boosting resilience by harnessing personal resources.
  • Interventions
    A collection of interventions for people with dementia and their carers in 5 major areas.
  • Local assets
    An opportunity for you to map local assets in you area.

The resource was originally conceived and commissioned by the Department of Health National Dementia Strategy Objective 6 Advisory Group, led by Claire Goodchild. It was developed by Mary Duggan, working in an independent capacity.