Social work practice pilots to drive forward personalised care

The Social work practice pilots are organisations that are led by social workers but independent of local authorities. They will provide the social work services for specific groups of adults in their community and their carers.

The scheme, backed by more than £1 million of Department of Health funding, will reduce bureaucracy, allowing social workers to do their jobs effectively and freeing them to spend more time with those in their care. It offers the potential to improve the lives of those receiving support by offering them more stability and continuity.

The scheme will also enable social care workers to:

  • Take decisions closer to those in their care, leading to a more responsive service.
  • Feel empowered with more control over the day to day management of the practice.
  • Enjoy their jobs more – staff satisfaction levels in the children’s Social Work Practice pilots have been high as staff feel empowered and part of the decision-making team.
  • Build stronger links across communities and improve integration between health and social care.

The projects are focused on different user groups including adults with physical disabilities, older people with mental health problems and deaf and visually impaired people.

The Social Care Institute for Excellence will oversee the project on behalf of the Department of Health.