South East compendium of innovative practice

The National Dementia Strategy (NDS) was published in February 2009 and as part of the
Implementation Plan, regional baseline reviews of services for people with dementia and their
carers were carried out in autumn 2009. During this process it became evident that there
were many examples of innovation and good practice in the south east region. This triggered
a discussion about a national inventory of good practice, then published in January 2011.
This national inventory contained three examples from each region.

As it was difficult to adhere to the constraint of three examples from the south east, we
decided to investigate innovative practices more widely and to publish a compendium that
covered our region. These examples may support the work of commissioners and
practitioners in the region; to help accelerate progress in localities through learning from other
areas. This Compendium is a local enabler for change and seeks to improve outcomes for
people with dementia and their carers.

Download South East compendium of innovative practice

Contributors were given a template to complete and have used this to collate the learning from
local practice. Each example gives the practical and contextual aspects to the innovation and
provides a flavour of the work that is being undertaken. The examples have not been peer
reviewed or subjected to editorial oversight, but offer learning from sites all across the region
on many different aspects of the NDS.

The good practice examples are listed by SHA. As a guide, each example is mapped to the
relevant NDS objective (see page 6 for a full listing). A glossary of keywords can also be
found on page 5 and each innovative practice example has been assigned relevant keywords
to narrow down your search for specific examples.

Contact details are provided at the end of each good practice example for further information.