Summary of the final caring for our future engagement workshop

The final workshopThe final workshop in the Caring for our future engagement brought together the discussion leaders and reference group members to articulate their vision for care and support in 2025 and identify the practical steps required to achieve that vision.

This note summarises discussions during the workshop.

Through group discussions and plenary sessions, participants considered:

  • What should care and support look like in 2025?
  • Why does it need to look like this?
  • What would need to be done differently to realise that vision?

In considering what would need to be done differently to achieve the vision, participants discussed what practical steps would be required, in particular:

  • What do we need to stop?
  • What do we need to start?
  • What should we continue to do more of?

Finally, participants considered whether, if brought together, these practical steps would deliver the vision articulated at the beginning of the session, and what further action might need to be taken.